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‘Empty Iftar tables’: Muslims brace for a difficult Ramadan as inflation soars

The month of Ramadan is a time of fasting, introspection, and prayer for Muslims. Large gatherings over [...]

UK government threatened with legal action after Prevent leaks accuse activists of ‘supporting Islamic extremism’

An organisation that monitors the UK’s controversial Prevent counter-terrorism strategy has threatened to take legal action against [...]

EU unable to brand Iran’s Guards as terror group before official court ruling

The European Union cannot list Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity until an EU [...]

Veteran Middle East journalist Ian Black dies, mourned by colleagues

Colleagues of veteran Middle East journalist Dr. Ian Black have mourned his death, following his [...]

Israeli coalition plans to destroy all new Palestinian homes in Area C

Key Israeli cabinet members gathered on Sunday to initiate a new wave of demolitions against [...]

Saudi Arabia sees progress on Yemen, stresses need to reinstate truce

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Wednesday progress was being made towards ending the Yemen [...]