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Post-election Turkey The resurrection of the mammoth

*Dr Turhan Ozen (Engineer, political activist)   ** Reza Shaban (Expert in Islamic history)   The recent elections in Turkey [...]

Sudan: From ethnic division to political obliteration

Speakers * Ammar Hamoda (Sudanese politician) ** Frédérique Cifuentes (Multi media producer focusing on Sudan) The recent flare-up of [...]

Religious fasting, personal & social morality

Speakers * Fatima Al-Halwachi (Engineer, Quran enthusiast) ** Revd Stephen Hearn (St Marylebone Church) *** Dr Ali Abdul [...]

20 years after Saddam; Reflections on Iraq

Open Discussions   in association with   Gulf Cultural Club   invites you to a discussion on:   20 [...]

Reflections on the Arab Spring

Speakers    *Stephen Bell   (Stop the War coalition)  ** Dr Ibrahim Al Aradi  (former [...]

MPs charged over Beirut blast re-elected, troubling families of victims

Originally posted toReuters website, 17 May 2022 BEIRUT, May 16 (Reuters) – Two Lebanese lawmakers [...]