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Afghan refugees in UAE protest months-long wait for resettlement

Originally posted to the Reuters website, 11 February 2021. DUBAI, Feb 10 (Reuters) – Hundreds [...]

UN: Afghanistan’s Taliban want to address General Assembly

Originally posted to The Associated Press website, 22 September 2021 UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Who [...]

Afghan women stage protest in Kabul after Taliban crack down on women’s rights – video report

Originally posted to The Guardian website, 19 September 2021 More than a dozen women staged [...]

Qatar flight with Afghans, Americans, Europeans leaves Kabul

Originally posted to The Middle East Monitor website, 19 September 2021 A fourth chartered flight [...]

Post Brexit UK: A World role marred by US unilateralism

Stephen Bell Stop the War CoalitionClaudia Naomi Webbe*, MPProfessor Rodney Shakespeare Tuesday 14th September 2021 This time [...]

The Western debacle in Afghanistan

Dr. Kamal Helbawi* (experienced observer)Mohammed Iqbal Asaria**, CBEHashim Nawrozzadeh*** (Social and religious activist) Saeed Emad (Global Afghan Forum) [...]