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‘Betrayal’: critics condemn Biden’s plan to visit Saudi Arabia

Originally posted to the Guardian website, 14 June 2022 Trip comes after Biden labeled the [...]

‘Diversifying’ suppliers, UAE strikes deal with China to buy fighter jets

Originally posted by The Middle East Monitor website, 25 February 2022 With growing fears of [...]

Post Brexit UK: A World role marred by US unilateralism

Stephen Bell Stop the War CoalitionClaudia Naomi Webbe*, MPProfessor Rodney Shakespeare Tuesday 14th September 2021 This time [...]

Ex-Qatar PM warns of impact of US, China competition on Gulf region

Originally posted to the Middle East Monitor website, 29 April 2021 Qatar’s former Prime Minister, [...]

Exclusive: Major Chinese investors in talks to take Aramco stake – sources

Originally posted on Reuters website, 28 April 2021 HONG KONG (Reuters) – Major Chinese investors [...]

HRW calls on Saudi Arabia to reveal status of detained Uyghurs

Originally posted on Middle East Monitor, Nov. 26, 2020 Human Rights Watch has called on [...]