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‘Betrayal’: critics condemn Biden’s plan to visit Saudi Arabia

Originally posted to the Guardian website, 14 June 2022 Trip comes after Biden labeled the [...]

Palestine bleeds amid world’s indifference

Open Discussions/ Gulf Cultural Club *Abideen Dubyan (Palestinian activist former camp refugee) **Julia Katherina (researcher, musician) ***Fatima Helow (Palestinian [...]

Qatar decries killing of Al-Jazeera journalist in West Bank

Originally posted to the Middle East Monitor website, 11 May 2022 Qatar, on Wednesday, condemned [...]

UAE summons Israeli ambassador to protest against clashes in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Originally posted to the Reuters website, 19 April 2022 CAIRO, April 19 (Reuters) – The [...]

Palestinians say man killed by Israeli fire in West Bank

Originally posted to The Associated Press website, 16 November 2021 A Palestinian man on Tuesday [...]

Saudi postpones session in case of supporting the Palestinian resistance

Originally posted to The Middle East Monitor website, 8 November 2021 The Saudi Court of [...]