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A state within a state? Inside Egypt’s controversial Union of Arab Tribes

There are growing concerns in Egypt over the new paramilitary umbrella group led by divisive [...]

Can Karim Khan and the ICC survive the West’s double standards?

Karim Khan’s arrest warrants are undoubtedly historic. They signal an end to decades of entrenched Israeli exceptionalism [...]

The real price of Egypt’s €7.4 billion agreement with the EU

The funding, which pushes Egypt closer to the EU than ever before, gives Cairo the [...]

Istanbul Mayoral Elections 2024: Can Erdogan’s ‘young’ candidate beat the opposition’s Ekrem Imamoglu?

The showdown between Istanbul’s popular mayor Imamoglu and Erdogan’s candidate Kurum will set the tone [...]

Will Britain hold its armed forces accountable for alleged war crimes in the Middle East?

Britain’s secretive special forces have operated across 19 countries, including the Middle East, but there’s [...]

Two years on, what does the Ukraine war mean for the Middle East?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated East-West bifurcation in an increasingly multipolar world, with Arab [...]