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How Islamophobia aids and abets Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Muslims have been so dehumanised that our death is expected and accepted for the comfort [...]

From Gaza to Yemen, starvation cannot be a weapon of war

The WFP’s decision to cut aid in Yemen pushes millions closer to famine, weaponising hunger [...]

In Modi’s Hindu supremacist India, Muslims fear for the future

In-depth: With Modi hoping to ride a wave of Hindu nationalism to victory in upcoming [...]

What does the ICJ ruling mean for Israel’s Western allies?

Analysis: In terms of global opinion and moral standing there will be costs, but will [...]

Why it’s so hard for the US to combat Iraq’s militias

Analysis: As attacks mount on US forces, Washington has few good options for countering Iraq’s [...]

With Ram temple, Modi edges India closer to a Hindu state

The Ram temple’s triumphant inauguration represents a dangerous victory for India’s far-right Hindu nationalist project, [...]