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Gaza war: The end of Middle East status quo

*Sami Ramadani (researcher, author and commentator)  **Stephen Bell (trade unionist)  ***Dr Daud A. Abdullah (academic and political commentator)  [...]

Palestine: the open wound

Open Discussions/ Gulf Cultural Club Palestine: the open wound *Dr Mohamed Haidar (Economist, writer & [...]

Artificial intelligence and faith

The Annual Muslim-Christian confer- ence organised by the Islamic Unity Forum was held on Monday [...]

Divinity and Women empowerment

Open Discussions in association with Gulf Cultural Club Divinity and Women empowerment *Dr Rebecca Masterton (academic, [...]

What makes a martyr

*William Haines (pastor and director) **Sheikh Musharraf Al-Hussaini(religious scholar) ***Stephen Sizer (founder and director of [...]

Post-election Turkey The resurrection of the mammoth

The recent elections in Turkey have confirmed the enduring political life of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. [...]