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Sudan: From disintegration to obliteration

* Ammar Hamoda (Sudanese politician) ** Frédérique Cifuentes (Multi media producer focusing on Sudan)  *** Othaylat Suliman (Journalist and Media [...]

Religious fasting, personal & social morality

* Fatima Al-Halwachi (Engineer, Quran enthusiast) ** Revd Stephen Hearn (St Marylebone Church) *** Dr [...]

20 years after Saddam; Reflections on Iraq

*Sami Radmadani (Researcher, author and commentator) **Carol Turner (Life-long peace campaigner) ***Dr Saad Kindeel (Former [...]

Relevance and sanctity of the holy scriptures

*William Haines (researcher) **Dr Rebecca Masterton (academic, author) ***Dr Imranali Panjwani (Lecturer in Law) The [...]

Reflections on the Arab Spring

*Stephen Bell (Stop the War coalition) ** Dr Ibrahim Al Aradi (former member of Bahrain [...]

Jesus and the other: The art of engagement

*Lindsay Fulcher (Lay minister, Church of England) **Revd Nadim Nassar (Director, Awareness Foundation) ***Dr Laith [...]