Bahrain bourse green light for mega funds



"Such listing assures the importance of BSE as a regional centre for the listing of mutual funds, which reflects the significance of mutual funds as one of the most alternative investments appealing to investors, taking into consideration the variety of opportunities mutual funds provide to investors," Mr Rashid said.

"Listing a variety of Global Investment House’s mutual funds assures the development of the investment environment at BSE in a way that attracts the listing of mutual funds at the exchange.

"The BSE will continue providing more benefits and facilities to fund managers in order to encourage them to list their funds at the exchange," Mr Rashid said.

"We are delighted to list this group of funds on BSE, following the listing of 10 funds in the previous years," Mr El Quqa said.

"The success of this listing reflects investors’ confidence in regional markets in general, and Global Investment House in particular.

"We are looking forward to issuing more mutual funds in order to implement Global’s investment plans that aim to offer a variety of investment options for investors and achieve high returns to shareholders of the company.

With the listing of Global’s funds, the number of mutual funds listed on the Exchange reached a total of 42 funds.

Among Global’s six funds, the $ 84 million Global Energy, Petrochemical and Downstream Industries Fund has been designed to capitalise on the view that the domestic and regional oil, gas, petrochemical, downstream industries, and other related sectors will continue to benefit from a combination of global excess demand and diminishing supply.

The objective of the fund is to enhance long-term return through capital appreciation of the portfolio.

The $ 51m Global Jordan Fund aims at achieving capital appreciation with optimum returns, within controlled levels of risk, over the medium to long term by investing in the ASE as well as in IPO and Pre-IPO issues in Jordan.

The $ 36m Global GCC Islamic Fund seeks to maximise returns through investing in companies in the GCC markets, as per the pre-defined Sharia criteria.

Asset allocation takes into consideration the market cap weightings of Sharia-complaint companies in each country while anticipating changing market conditions.

The $ 19m Palestine Dedicated Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation with optimum returns, within a controlled level of risk, over the medium to long-term by investing in listed securities, IPOs and pre-IPO’s issued in Palestine.

The fund will offer institutional/individual investors the opportunity to enter the Palestinian market and invest in a diverse selection of sectors selected by the fund manager.

The $ 10m Global Egypt Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation within controlled levels of risk by investing primarily in listed equities of Egyptian companies, IPO and pre-IPO issues with the aim of posting above average returns by capitalising on the economic growth driven by reforms in Egypt.

The fund will attempt to properly diversify and mitigate overall portfolio risk by investing across various economic sectors.

The $ 7.4m Global Islamic Fund of Funds is aiming to achieve long term capital appreciation with optimum returns, and controlled levels of risk, by diversifying the fund’s assets in terms of strategy, geography, and sector; while investing in accordance with Sharia principles.





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