Bahrain Government steps up unemployment battle


The programme is being coordinated by the Labour Fund and the Civil Service Bureau following orders from the Cabinet to ensure placement for Bahraini university graduates.


The list of unemployed university graduates in the government’s roster reaches as much as 1,900.
Labour Fund executive director AbdulElah Al Qassimi said that the Labour Fund and the CSB are working out the details of the recruitment for university graduates.


“We are looking at putting the 500 Bahraini graduates in the government after the Cabinet agreed to this programme,” said Al Qassimi.


“The rest of the university graduates will not be left out because they will have the option to take further training and undergo screening to take jobs in the private sector,” Al Qassimi said.
The 500 Bahrainis selected will be placed in different government ministries and agencies.
“There are programmes available even for those who would not be taken,” he said.


The government’s latest estimates put the unemployment rate at 4 per cent. The programme comes even as some sectors expressed concern that the government bureaucracy may be bloated soon.
Heads from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions earlier also stated that the government had focused more efforts towards employing and maintaining the workforce in the public sector but is neglecting the recruitment of Bahrainis in the private sector.


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