Bahraini Crown Prince recognizes anew US role in regional stability


The Bahraini deputy king told "Akhbar Al-Khalij" paper, during a visit to the US fifth fleet headquarter, late on Monday, that the international coalition led by the US plays a key role in maintaing stability and security along the maritime borders and international waters.



Sheikh Salman praised the level of international military and security coordination in the region and said this reflects the strategic importance of the area and realization that peace is essential for growth, development, and prosperity.



The deputy king met with a number of US military officials and discussed issues pertaining to regional security and other issues of mutual interest, in addition to cooperation between the US and the Kingdom of Bahrain on the military and non-military fronts.



Sheikh Salman was greeted upon arrival to the fifth fleet HQ by US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Rougheadthe, the new commander of the Bahrain-based US Navy’s Fifth Fleet Vice Admiral William Gortney, and US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Chris Henzel, in addition to a number of senior officers.


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