Kuwaiti youth play key role in campaigns




Academics hailed this involvement in boosting youth’s awareness, knowledge and skills. Ali Khaja, a 27-year-old employee in the private sector said "I am taking part in campaigns out of my own desire to improve matters in the country." Participation in the electoral process brings favorable effects to young men and women, including acquisition of skills and experience in political dialogue and listening to the political discourse, he said. He called for investing youth’s enthusiasm in the development of society.

I am keen on the future of my country and will devote himself to working with a candidate in his constituency," said Ali Al-Ali, a 28-year-old engineer at a private company. Although most youth are ineligible due to their young age, they have motives to join campaigns through their ideas and notions that they seek to deliver to candidates, he said. He hailed the involvement of youth in campaigns as a good opportunity to develop their practical and political levels.

Taking part in campaigns to deliver mine and other girls’ demands to prospective members of parliament and for attaching more attention to sports championships for girls," Shahd Al-Dareai, a 20-year-old female student said.

Other students ascribed their participation in election campaigns through several media, including SMS, blogs and Facebook, to their desire to practice and apply their university political studies.



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