OIC meeting discusses “grave” situation in Gaza


OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said in an opening speech of the committee’s meeting said that the tragedy in Gaza necessitated a "diligent, serious and effective" Islamic action to bring it to an end and aid the Palestinian people from its impact.

"We must make every effort to stop the bloodshed of the defenseless Palestinian people whose rights have been usurped and who have been thrown out in every part of the world and denied their freedom and their fundamental rights," he noted.

Similarly, the international community must not accept that this tragedy continue and should break the silence and act immediately, he pointed out.
Ihsanoglu appealed to all parties concerned to put aside political calculations and act instead toward stemming the bloodshed and enabling the population in the Gaza Strip to maintain the minimum living conditions they still have.

He continued by pointing out "therefore, we call strongly for an immediate cease-fire and for the medical and humanitarian supplies to enter the Gaza Strip through all access points".


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