10 unlisted Bahrain NGOs face legal action


The case was filed by the Ministry of Social Development and Al Maskati, 20, will face six months in jail and BD500 fine if convicted.

Most of these unregistered organisations are political opposition societies with huge followings such as Haq Movement, while the rest are public committees that are formed by residents in their areas to work for solutions of their problems.

Al Maskati defended his move of holding activities for youth to raise human rights awarenesss among them after the ministry rejected his application to form the society few months back. The ministry said that anyone not fulfilling the criteria for forming an NGO couldn’t be granted licence.

Al Maskati recently launched a non-violence campaign for youth to educate them to adopt better methods while protesting for their rights.

While appearing before a judge on Saturday, Al Maskati said his activities were legal as international human rights laws respected by Bahrain allow such activities, especially after Bahrain joined the International Covention on Civil and Political Rights.


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