2,500 students in Bahrain to apply for scholarships


Every year the ministry invites all students, girls and boys, from both private and government schools with a grade point average of at least 90 per cent to apply for the 700 to 800 scholarship allocations. This year, the ministry set aside BD7 million as the scholarship budget.


All students from both sectors have equal chances to receive the grants, Mohammed Abdullah Yousif, Head of Scholarships told the Tribune.


“We have an average of about 2,000 to 2,500 applicants for the scholarships every year, which has remained constant since the year 2000. Today, there are 6,500 students currently on scholarship grants. About 500 of them are pursuing their courses at the University of Bahrain and at various other private universities. Others are studying abroad in neighbouring GCC countries and some in the United Kingdom,” said Yousif.


Due to the high volume of applicants and the limited seats, the Ministry of Education devised ways to award deserving students.


“It is a very tough competition for the students because they will have to go through a series of interviews with a panel, grade evaluation, teacher recommendations and family background checks. We need to make sure the grants go to the right candidates. Those who do not manage to get scholarships will instead receive financial subsidies from the government to aid them,” Yousif said.


Scholarship recipients will be made to choose any four-year course available at the University of Bahrain or at private universities. A wide range of courses is available including Sales and Marketing, Business and Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Computer Science and others.
Recipients must maintain good performance record to retain the grant in order to avoid losing it.


“A minimum grade of two (50 per cent) in University of Bahrain is acceptable but minimum grades vary from private universities. We have officers keeping track of their progress every year. A maximum of one year (two semesters) will be given to them to be able to adjust to the university life. From there, they could face losing their scholarship altogether if they do not work hard,” he said.


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