A strong advocate of Arab unity: King Abdullah


A strong advocate of Arab unity and solidarity, King Abdullah has called upon Arab leaders to set aside their differences in order to open a new chapter of joint Arab action and confront the challenges being faced by the Arab world.



"Our objective is to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of Arab unity," King Abdullah told a recent Cabinet meeting.



King Abdullah initiated reconciliation among Arab leaders by holding talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad on the sidelines of the Arab economic summit in Kuwait last month.



During the summit, King Abdullah called upon Arab leaders to end their differences and open a new era of unity and solidarity.



"Allow me to announce in all our names that we have overcome the period of disunity, opening the door of Arab brotherhood, and that of unity for all Arabs without exception or reservation, and that we will face the future with total unity and without any discord," the king told the summit in his keynote speech.


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