Activists Commend Kuwaiti Women In Power


She said that all women were happy with the news especially since Minister Nouriya Al-Sabaeh held immense experience in the educational field, and that the government had made a very wise decision. Al-Anjari hoped more women would venture into the field, and considered the presence of women a necessary instrument in achieving more development in Kuwait. Activist Rola Dashti also expressed her pleasure at the appointment of the two women ministers and the positive response of HH the Premier Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah to women’s demands.



Political Science Professor at Kuwait University, Dr Nada Al-Mutawa said, "Kuwait began 2007 by receiving the two strongest women in the world, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and this was considered a good omen and we all felt good about it, and then soon after two women were appointed ministers for the first time in Kuwait’s history." She also said that despite the appointments, Kuwaiti women still had a long way to go to reach leadership posts in various fields.



Political activist and former candidate to the National Assembly, Ayesha Al-Rusheid said that the presence of two women in the Cabinet would foster a very strong support for Kuwait women, and hoped that it would reach a point where their participation would be shared evenly with men because they have proven themselves in all fields. The Head of the Women’s Institute for Development and Training, Kawthar Al-Jouan expressed optimism at the new Cabinet as it included two women. She said that she was happy that there were two women ministers who had always played a major role in Kuwait’s progress and development.



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