Al-Attiyah hails Bahrain’s joining of international atomic agency


Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Al-Attiyah lauded the role of Bahrain and other Gulf nations in boosting the council’s role and goals.

He said GCC nations support peaceful and political measures to settle Iran’s nuclear file, calling for dialogue and diplomatic means without any form of escalation that would not serve regional security and stability.

While noting Iran’s right to obtain peaceful nuclear energy under IAEA’s supervision, he said international sides and Iran must realize gravity of the current regional situation.

Iran understands motives behind the international community’s concern over its nuclear aspirations, said Al-Attiyah who added that the council’s nations have always aspired for Iran to become a peace force through serving stability and development with its neighbors.

Current developments, he said, require showing the utmost amount of good intention, confidence building measures and development of efforts as experience has shown that conflicts could only harm the region while benefiting outsiders.

The only way to spread regional security is through proper and rightful settlement of all arising conflicts, such as Palestine’s cause and Iraq’s stability, to make the Middle East and the Gulf clear from weapons of mass destruction, he noted.

That could only be achieved through Israel’s joining of the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) accord and abidance to international regulations through subjecting its nuclear facilities to IAEA supervision, he explained.

Exempting Israel would only add to current flaws, stressed Al-Attiyah.


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