‘All terrorists do is harm their nation and religion’ – Prince Naif


Over 30 operations were carried out inside the Kingdom which included bomb blasts, murders, and kidnappings.

Several bombblasts in Riyadh were targeted at major buildings such as the Traffic Administration building, Ministry of Interior building, headquarters of the special forces and Abqaiq refinery. Several assassinations were carried out in Khobar as well.

All these targeted citizens, expatriates, security officials and the nation’s economy. Prince Naif said 160 operations were foiled by security officials.
In confrontations, 74 security officials died and 675 others were injured and 90 innocent citizens and expatriates died and 439 were injured.

He added that the quantity of weapons and explosives seized exceeded three tons of RDX, C-4 and TNT; as well as over 25 tons of highly explosive mixtures.

As an example, half a ton of these explosive mixtures was used in the Al-Mahayya Compound blast in Riyadh.

Prince Naif said the concerned authorities have started referring 991 people involved in terror cases to Shariah trials after completion of the charges filed against them. he fifth meeting for the ministers of interior of the countries neighboring Iraq which is scheduled to be held in Amman, Jordan next Thursday will discuss the effective and real security interaction with the Iraqi security authorities.

The Minister said, “The aim of this meeting and the previous meetings is Iraq’s security and that we work as much as we can to prevent our countries from becoming neither passageways nor havens for any act against Iraq. But unfortunately there are people who are carrying out shameful acts that have nothing to do with Islam. All they do is harm their religion and nation.”

He also said, “There is cooperation with the Iraqi security authorities at least on the basis of repatriation of Saudis. A batch was handed over to us and we have repatriated some detainees to them.”


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