Arab draft resolution to be tabled officially in UNSC later today


It would stress the need for the full implementation by both parties of the 2005 agreement on movement and access of people and goods into and out of Gaza from Egypt to address both the humanitarian and economic needs of the civilian population.

It would call on Israel to ensure the unhindered and safe access of humanitarian aid and other essential supplies, including food, medicine and fuel, to the Gazans as well as the safe passage of civilian persons and humanitarian personnel into and from Gaza.

It would call for the establishment and deployment of an international observer force to monitor implementation of the ceasefire, to ensure the protection and safety of the Palestinian civilians and to promote restoration of calm in full.

It would emphasize the importance of continuing all efforts aimed at achieving Palestinian national reconciliation and unity under the auspices of Egypt.

It would stress the need to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East and call for the resumption of accelerated Palestinian-Israeli negotiations aimed at resolving all outstanding issues in the conflict, including all core issues, in accordance with relevant UN resolutions, the Arab Peace initiative and other initiatives.

It would call on the international community to respond with urgency to the emergency appeals by UNRWA to address the critical humanitarian situation in Gaza.

It would finally call on the UN Secretary-General, "in light of the urgency of the matter," to follow up on the implementation of the resolution and report to the council in a "timely manner."


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