Arabs need summit of reconciliation – Moussa


After attending consultative talks between Sudanese factions and government officials, Moussa expressed hope the upcoming Arab League Summit in Doha, Qatar, next month would address issues of inter-Arab relations.

Moussa indicated in context to the Arab initiative made by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, at the Kuwait-held Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit, which aims to pinpont the sources of conflict between Arab states.

On means to overcome the Palestinian issue, he said that depends on reconciliation talks between Palestinian factions, under Egyptian mediation.

On the US administration’s dealing with Arab issues, he said that the US needs to be "a trustworthy mediator." He also expressed hope the Sudanese talks in Doha Tuesday would be a new step towards sustained peace in the country’s Darfur province, asserting the Arab League’s neutrality towards the Sudanese sides and its commitment to stability in Sudan as a whole.


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