Arabs Pin Hopes On Riyadh Summit


“This summit is held at an important time when the Arab world is facing several challenges such as the situation in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Somalia. I expect the summit will issue important resolutions to meet our political, economic and social challenges,” said Muhammad Bin Ahmed Tayeb, director general of the Foreign Ministry’s office in the Makkah region.

Speaking to Arab News, Tayeb said he was optimistic that the summit would be a big success in terms of participation of leaders and the adoption of vital resolutions. Saudi Arabia has been making intense preparations for the summit during the past six months. King Abdullah has sent his envoys to Arab capitals to invite leaders of the 23 Arab League member countries including Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi and Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“My optimism is built on the success of our diplomatic efforts during the past six months,” Tayeb said. These include King Abdullah’s meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Riyadh that resulted in defusing tension in Lebanon, the Makkah meeting of Palestinian leaders and the Kingdom’s participation in Baghdad and New York conferences on Iraq.

Tayeb underlined the role played by King Abdullah to bring together the leaders of the Palestinian factions in Makkah to conclude an agreement on a national unity government. He also noted Riyadh’s efforts to reconcile the various Lebanese groups. “Saudi Arabia has been making continuous efforts to promote unity among the Iraqi people and protect their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he explained.

Tayeb expects the summit leaders will relaunch the Arab peace plan, which was initially proposed by King Abdullah when he was crown prince, and was endorsed by the Arab summit in Lebanon in 2002. Jordan’s King Abdallah recently urged Arab countries to unite and re-launch the peace plan.

“We must coordinate Arab positions to ensure the Riyadh summit comes out with effective resolutions for the challenges facing our Arab nation,” the king said during talks with Saudi and Egyptian foreign ministers in Amman. “Arab countries must strive to unite their positions, particularly by giving new momentum to the Arab peace initiative,” the Jordanian king said.


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