Arrested Kuwaiti terror suspect has connections with Bahraini man


On Tuesday, the Kuwaiti Interior Minister had announced the arrest of six suspected Al Qaeda members who were reportedly plotting to attack a US military base and state security offices in the country.

Lawyer and defendant of the Bahraini man, Abdullah Hashim, told Khaleej Times that his client had admitted to chatting with one of the Kuwaiti suspects through the internet and also confirmed talking to him on phone. The lawyer, however, denied the two shared terror plans together.

“I doubt that they planned joint action but they might have shared their extremist thoughts,” Hashim said.

Hashim’s comment contradicts the National Security Authority’s statement released on Monday, which denied Kuwait’s announcement about the cooperation of Bahrain in the successful foiling of the terror plot.

“I don’t believe the statement as I am sure that our National Security Authority has helped the Kuwaiti authority, but prefers to deny it for certain reasons,” Hashim said.

It may be mentioned that the two arrested Bahraini men who are facing trial for terror charges are members of the Al Adala Movement that promotes jehadi thoughts.

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