Bahrain al Wefaq condemns death of policeman in Karbabad, calls for independent investigation


AhlulBayt News Agency – Bahrain’s Al Wefaq National Islamic Society condemns the incident in Karbabad, west of Manama, and which the Interior Ministry said has resulted in the death of a policeman this evening.

Al Wefaq points out that it has no information on the details of the incident. But it condemns violence from all sides. Acts that target lives and property are rejected, condemned and are not justified.

The huge popular movement for democracy has taken the peaceful path as a strategic choice that will never be abandoned.

Al Wefaq stresses on the sanctity of blood and that any harm to people’s lives or property is absolutely related to the popular movement for democracy.

This incident, and incidents of such, must be investigated by a neutral and independent side with consideration to transparency, due process in compliance with international standards and respect of human rights and justice.

These incidents raise concern and grief, yet, prejudice accusations and convictions for political purposes must be prevented.

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