Bahrain constitutional talks focus on giving people more power


It was held at the headquarters of the National Democratic Action Society ( Waad) and was chaired by the President of the society, Ibrahim Sharif, and MP Aziz Abul.


“There are certain things that needs to be amended in the 2002 constitution. The most important is that the power must be split between those elected and appointed in both the Houses.

The Shura Council is the consultative body but it has more legislative powers. The citizens enjoyed more power according to the 1973 constitution. Their powers have been reduced by the 2002 constitution.


MP’s from Al Wefaq bloc supported the conference along with independent MP Dr Aziz Abul. Three societies were monitoring the conference and discussed with the panel.


“There can be real democracy when the parliament enjoys more power. Take the example of the

Financial Audit Court

, which is not under the umbrella of the parliament and is been taken care by another body. Our main issue is that the Shura council is a consultative body and not legislative.” Ibrahim said.

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