Bahrain govt urged to reveal nuclear energy plan


Dr. Aisha Mubarak raised the issue, calling on the government to explain what nuclear programmes it intended to undertake and how it would ensure that the programme did not endanger the environment.
Since late last year there have been talks about Bahrain using nuclear energy after a GCC meeting which stressed that it could be time to adopt a nuclear programme. GCC secretary-general Abdul Rahma Al Attiya had said that the GCC and the International Atomic Energy Agency had committed to a feasibility study for a nuclear energy programme. Some non-governmental organisations and rights activists fear that the nuclear programme will be pushed through without the public fully knowing its costs and effects.
Dr. Mubarak asked the government to reveal its plans and adopt a national strategy to deal with risks that threatened the environment and public health.
She also asked if the programme would run contrary to international treaties against nuclear proliferation.
Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society spokeswoman Naima Al Mahjoubi said they welcomed Dr. Mubarak raising the issue before the Council and reiterated their stance that a nuclear programme would be too risky for the people. “We are called upon to study the issue, including its consequences and potential dangers to the country and the region,” Al Mahjoubi said.

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