Bahrain Hosts Environmental Conference


The Saudi Society for Environment Technology Management and the Saudi Society for Water Environment are some of the organizations that are participating in the event.

Eisa Janahi, chairman of the conference organizing committee, told Arab News yesterday that more than 500 environment experts are expected to

participate in the biennial event.

Experts will be arriving from neighboring Gulf countries, the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, India and Pakistan.

Important dignitaries include Muhammad Rehab from Nebraska University, Daniel J. Sullenbarger, vice president of the Marathon Oil Company, Philip Roberts from the Georgian Institute of Technology and Basel Al-Yusufi of the UN Program for Environment. Experts from the US Desert Research Institute and British Surrey University will also be attending the conference.

The technical committee for the conference has already received more than 100 work papers on topics relating to the environment, air quality, the management of effluents, protection of underground water from hazardous substances, the aquatic environment and radio active fluids.

Papers on the evaluation of industry damage to the environment and health, rules and regulations to protect the environment, modern techniques to treat sewage and the protection of ecology have also been received.

Janahi said that six workshops would be held to discuss the environmental industry.

He added that several companies working for environment protection will display new technology that is currently being used in the control and protection of the environment in an exhibition to be organized on the sidelines of the conference.

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