Bahrain: Lawyers say Sheikh Isa’s charges linked to separate case


AhlulBayt News Agency – The defense lawyers Sheikh Hasan Isa, made an urgent request to the Bahrain Higher Criminal Court to keep the lawsuit against him separate from the case which the Prosecution Office is trying to link him with.

The case includes a number of defendants and Sheikh Isa has been listed although his lawsuit and investigation papers make no mention of the case. He has denied the accusations against him.

Sheikh Hasan Isa won the highest vote in the 2010 parliamentary elections. He later resigned with his bloc, Al Wefaq, in protest to the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protests in 2011.

The defense lawyers said the attempt to link the two cases by promoting a connection in the media and in the statements released by the Prosecution Office is driven by political motives in contradiction to the law. Furthermore, it said this could create an atmosphere of hate or hostility against Sheikh Hasan Isa.

The lawyers’ request comes in appliance of Article 165 of the criminal procedures law in Bahrain.

The Fourth High Criminal Court has adjourned Sheikh Isa’s trial to May 16th.

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