Bahrain Minister Calls For United GCC Force


In his response to a question on the possibility of setting up in the future a joint and united GCC military force, he said: “Many people think that a united force means one leadership and one structure but the fact is that a united force or military can have more than one form and could be more effective.

“The GCC model is one of these unity forms as many military aspects reached high cooperation levels.”

In an interview given to a local Arabic daily, General Shaikh Khalifa said the GCC military cooperation focuses on developing the military and defence forces according to the Joint Gulf Defence Agreement approved in the GCC Summit in Manama in 2000.

The GCC countries constantly hold joint military drills. Commenting on advantages of holding joint drills between the GCC states, he said: “Cooperation and coordination with the GCC countries is an ongoing process and it will not stop.

“The GCC leaders provide constant support to the joint defensive projects to develop the GCC’s defensive abilities. For example, the Gulf Shields include the participation of all the GCC forces to unite the training and defensive methods.”

Highlighting the benefits of the Cooperation Network to join the air alarm networks among the GCC countries, he explained that the Cooperation Network is one of the many joint cooperation projects between the GCC countries.

This project, on the air surveillance in the GCC, aims to create a comprehensive and united information network for the GCC forces.

Answering a question about his proposed Bahrain-Qatar Causeway, he said under the leadership of His Majesty the King, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the economic development process continues to increase the local income and boosts the kingdom’s position as a regional trade hub, and as we all know Bahrain-Qatar causeway is one of the largest projects in the region that ‘would serve the expectations of the citizens and create more job opportunities’.

Explaining the capability of the Bahraini pilots in controlling the advanced fighter planes, he said since its formation and following the directives of the leadership, the BDF sought to equip its units with the latest technologies and prepare citizens to deal with them.

“We have acquired the latest and most developed fighting and defensive planes and have trained the Bahrain Royal Air Forces personnel to use them.”

He also said the military budget should not be reduced as per the demands of some members of the Chamber of Deputies.

“Our region is witnessing various developments and we understand the need to support the security and peace by providing the force that can stop anyone who wants to misuse or confront our achievements. This shows the important role of the BDF in defending and preserving the kingdom’s achievements as well as providing the suitable investment environment.

“Defending the country requires spending to equip the defence forces with the latest weapons. What we spend in Bahrain cannot be compared with what the other countries spend to equip their forces with the latest technologies. I hope that the MPs understand this fact and prioritise the welfare of the kingdom and citizens,” he said.

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