Bahrain NGOs oppose end to Israel boycott


The General Secretary of the Bahrain Anti-Zionism Society Abdullah Abdulmalik said that representatives from civic and political societies met to discuss mechanisms to pressurise the government to reconsider its decision.

The Government of Bahrain has been assuring the public that no decision would be taken regarding relations with Israel without the approval of the Arab League and such a move was affirmed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Khalid Al Khalifa, to the parliament last month.

Opposition and public figures have been airing their concerns over some indications of ending the Israeli boycott that started with the closing down of a government office overseeing the boycott.

The concerns mounted when representatives of Bahraini diplomatic mission in the US held meetings with Israeli officials, followed by accusations that one ministry plans to amend a contract agreement to remove an article stating boycott of Israel.

A meeting held last month between Bahraini and Israeli foreign ministers further fuelled the suspicions, while Shaikh Khalid told the parliament that the meeting was assigned to him by the Arab League as part of the Arab Peace Initiative in the Middle East.

"We are not going to wait for the moment when we will be forced to have Israeli goods in our supermarkets. We are going to launch joint efforts to pressurise the government to reconsider its decision," Abdulmalik said.

The campaign will start with sending of an objection letter to the minister of foreign affairs regarding his meeting with his Israeli counterpart. A National Conference will be held to highlight the public rejection of any relations with Israel. The campaign will also support a new parliamentary draft law restricting Bahrain from forging ties with Israel.

Abdulmalik praised the efforts of MPs to protect the Islamic and Arabic identity of the kingdom.


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