Bahrain parliamentarians for human rights meet


The parliamentarians meeting will review the progress made by the different countries and the challenges they face in the implementation of the accord.
Bahrain’s Parliament is represented by Faisal Foulad, member of the upper house, Shura, and Jawad Fairooz, al Wefaq deputy and member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house.

Fellow parliamentarian Jalal Fairooz, speaking on behalf of his brother Jawad, said Bahrain is the first country in the world to submit itself for voluntary review of its human rights by a National Human Rights Council this year. The review is expected in 2012.

Jalal told Bahrain Tribune that his brother’s speech would focus on the strides made by Bahrain in enhancing the human rights in the country.

New laws have been put in place, including laws on the ratification of the International Human Rights Act, the International Act of the Political and Civil Rights and also of the Economic and Social rights,” said Jalal.

Bahrain not only ratified it but it was also incorporated into the Kingdom’s laws.

Foulad said his address would look at the natural charters, women’s empowerment and parliament. The growth of political societies and labour union would also be important topics.

Bahrain had come a long way in granting freedom of religion and also in protecting women’s rights, but challenges remain, he said.
For example, there is no family law in place.

Although labour laws exist, implementation is still a challenge. A charter is also needed to protect the rights of the 65,000 domestics in Bahrain, he added.

Other areas to discuss will be Bahrain and its social and economic rights, including the effects of privatisation. The issue of labour unions and rights of workers would be discussed too.

On the social front, the handicapped and uplift of the poverty stricken would get priority, said Foulad.

Environmental laws regarding reclamation, decreasing fish yields and planktons and the use of nuclear power for peaceful purposes would be stressed.”


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