Bahrain shura agrees on body to oversee government work


The discussion was set in motion by five council members; Abdul Rahman Mohammed Jumasheer, Dr. Fauzeya Saeed Al Saleh, Dada Mohammed Al Fadheel, Sayyid Habib Makki Hashim and Mohammed Hassan Al Baqer.

The motion mostly concentrated on monitoring the country’s finance sector and its administration as well as increasing transparency in most government institutions.
The proposing group emphasised that the body will instill discipline in most misbehaving public administrators, check corruption and bring administrators to accountability.

“Monitoring administrators is an important form of accounting and instilling responsibility among authorities. It is part of an integral democratic process,” said Al Baqer.

Though few of the members opposed the idea, there were difficulties in agreeing on the method and powers of the body.

At the end of the day the legislators all agreed to the formation of the monitoring body and the decision will now need a government endorsement to start monitoring all government sectors.

Another important debate in the council that was also finally agreed upon by all the members was the formation of an association to handle the affairs of Qatar-Bahrain Causeway.

The council also detailed in its discussions that the association will help to speed up the work of the causeway. The causeway will solve the transport-related problem between the two countries, improve their political, social and cultural relations and increase the volume of trade between the two states.


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