Bahrain takes measures to cut drug entry into prison




Speaking at a Press conference, General Inspector of the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Ibrahim Habib Ghith defended the move and said the decision aimed at reducing the incidents of drug smuggling into the prison. He denied reports that prison guards were involved in bringing drugs and other banned items to jail.

The glass wall was criticised by the Press after relatives of prisoners complained about it. However, official said after the placement of the wall, drug smuggling cases reduced to 19 last year, compared to 55 in 2006 and 78 in 2005.

The prison authorities have also ordered searching of visitors to deal with the issue, he said, highlighting that the wall would not remain forever as wall is only a temporary measure. “We have starting searching inmates after seizing drugs such as hashish and banned medicines in food, shoes and books brought by friends and relatives for inmates,” he said.

Brigadier Ibrahim also refuted reports of torture of prisoners and said that inmates were provided with the required correction and guidance services to enable them to overcome their criminal past.



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