Bahrain University students urged to vote for best council candidates



The College of Applied Learning seat is the 11th, but is currently vacant, as no single nomination was recorded.

This is the first year that students in the new college are being allowed to stand or vote in the council elections.

The university is yet to decide what will happen to the college’s seat as no one from the college came forward.

The nominees will be joined by 10 society and club presidents, who will be elected by their respective members the same day, to complete the 21-member council line-up.

There are seven college societies, excluding the College of Applied Learning and eight clubs.

Presidents of the seven college societies get seats on the council, while two of the eight club presidents are voted onto the council by their fellow presidents.

Elections president Student Affairs dean Dr Huda Al Khaja said that students participation in the elections was the key to its success, hoping that many would cast their votes.

"The council was established six years ago to serve students and if students shun it away, then their voices do not reach the university’s administration and board," she said.

"The university gives top priority to the council’s proposals and this is why students should back the best candidate."

The university’s elections, to be held from 9am to 4pm, are the third biggest after the parliamentary and municipal elections.

More than 20,000 students are currently studying at the university, out of which 13,013 are eligible to vote.


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