Bahraini activists demand new law to protect rights


“The Bahrain government should enforce a law which imposes stiff penalties against discrimination,” said Abduljalil Al Singace from the Haqq Movement of Liberties and Democracy.

He said the need for the hour was to open a clear communication channel between the authorities and local groups to discuss human rights issues.

Nabeel Rajab from the defunct Bahrain Centre for Human Rights and activist Maryam Al Khawaja gave presentations and speeches during the meet, which was attended by the Bahrain Ambassador to the US, Huda Nonoo.

The meeting titled ‘Impact of Political Reform on Religious Freedom in Bahrain’, was chaired by Congressman Frank Wolf who heads the Congressional Human Rights Commission at the US House of representatives.

The Congressman said that US has strong ties with Bahrain and they would use this relationship to focus on issues of human rights.

Rajab told the Bahrain Tribune from the US, “Bahrain is home to the US navy and is a strong trade partner. The current wave of sectarianism is gripping the country and we fear it could lead to a situation similar in Iraq.”

Several Bahraini-Americans also attended the meeting, which was followed by a peaceful protest outside the Bahrain embassy in Washington. Members of the Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (ADHRB) in Bahrain staged the protest where they carried banners followed by speeches.

Meanwhile, a fresh row started among political blocs in the country, after Al Wefaq MP Dr. Jassim Hussain spoke about discrimination and other issues at the National Press Club in Washington yesterday. Dr Husain will focus on discrimination and unfair representation of elections districts.

The MP spoke about unemployment, poverty and utility of the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement. Al Asala MP Shaikh Adel Al Moawada lashed out at Al Wefaq bloc for seeking help from the enemy, the US.

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