Bahraini Inmates In Solitary Confinement


New York-based Joshua Colangelo-Bryan said Eisa Al Murbati and Juma Al Dossari had either no or little contact with the outside world.


"Al Murbati is being held now in Camp 6. There, he is held alone in a cell that is 12’x 8′. The cell is made of concrete and metal. [Al Murbati] cannot see any detainees from his cell. He is kept inside the cell for 22 to 24 hours a day," Colangelo-Bryan said yesterday in a statement relayed to Gulf News by rights activist Nabeel Rajab.


"Al Dossari remains in the Mental Health Unit. There is one sane detainee there with whom he can speak. However, this detainee was recently moved as far away from [Al Dossari] as possible. In this way, he, like Eisa, spends virtually all of his time alone," the lawyer said.


"There can be no question that living under these conditions is a form of mental torture. It is a disgrace that men who have never been accused of a crime are treated this way," he said.


Al Murbati and Al Dossari were seized by the Americans in 2001 shortly after the start of the war on Afghanistan. Four other Bahrainis were captured by the United States but were later released.


Bahrain has intensified contact with the American authorities to repatriate Al Murbati and Al Dossari.

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