Bahraini MP challenges Alawi to visit labour camps


MP Faisal Fulad was discussing the answers he received from Dr. Majeed Al Alawi on the social justice of the workers. The lawmaker questioned the minister on his reply for not backing it with facts and not presenting a clear picture. This was said in the presence of 12 workers of different nationalities invited by the Shura Council member to attend yesterday’s session. “ From 2006 till last year, 103 workers have died due to work related accidents. Most of these workers earn BD50 or above living in bad conditions,” Fulad told Dr Al Alawi.

The minister did not reply to the volley of questions being thrown by Fulad. The Deputy asked Dr Alawi to accompany him to any labour camp with the Press to know the situation of the workers on the ground.

The lawmaker had submitted questions to Dr. Al Alawi during the spate of strikes hitting construction firms last month. The minister in his reply stressed on laws, which protected nationals, and non- nationals from abuse, monitoring living conditions to insurance against unemployment for individuals. Measures taken by the labour ministry like banning workers during mid-day last year and travelling in open trucks were also mentioned in the reply. The newly formed committee in the Ministry to resolve labour issues was also written in the reply submitted by him.

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