Bahraini MPs discuss Guantanamo Bay detainees’ issue



The team of delegates from Bahrain comprising Ali Ahmed, Jassim Hussein and Adel Assoumi met with the former democrat from Texas and discussed the possibility of the release of Isa Al Murbati and Juma Al Dossary.



This Washington trip has already made headlines in newspapers in the Kingdom as it was reported that the MPs were upset with the Bahrain embassy in US. They claimed they were not helpful and did not contact them during their visit or arrange meetings with diplomats. Tribune tried to contact the Embassy but did not receive any response.
MP Mohammed Jameel Al Jamri was also supposed to be part of the delegation but could not attend, as he could not get a visa from the US embassy.


According to the Amnesty International, there are about 775 detainees who have been held at Guantanamo Bay since January 11, 2002. Some of the prisoners were released by the US authorities and there are about 430 detainees of over 35 nationalities. It also states that none of the detainees had been convicted of a criminal offence by the US.


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