Bahraini MPs to promote import of vehicles using gas as fuel


The lawmakers said efforts would be made to convert at least 10 per cent of vehicles in Bahrain to gas from petrol in the coming five years.

MPs from Al Wefaq, the largest bloc in parliament, tabled a proposal calling for steps to be taken by the government to promote investment in importing vehicles using gas.

In their proposal, the lawmakers said the gas-using vehicles are the best to combat pollution.

They are fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and are cheaper to maintain.

Lawmakers call upon the government to charge lower customs fees for such cars compared to other vehicles as well as establish gas-filling stations at appropriate places.

They said those with low and limited income could buy vehicles fitted with gas-based engines as the cost of natural gas is much low as compared to diesel and petrol.

They also stressed its importance in protecting the environment.

According to the proposal, such vehicles use compressed natural gas or, less commonly, liquefied natural gas as a clean alternative to other automobile fuels.

There are more than 7 million gas-based vehicles plying in different parts of the world.

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