Bahraini MPs warn against involvement in case of attack on Iran


Deputies Ghaneem Fadhel Bouanian, Dr Abdul Aziz Hassan Abel, Shaikh Ali Salman and Adel Abdul Rahman Al Sumii tabled a proposal – second within a week.
A similar proposal was tabled on May 22 and no decision was reached.
Thirty one  lawmakers voted for the proposal and asked the government to make the announcement. Eight members abstained and one was absent.

The Minister of Parliament Affairs, Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Fadhel, advised the House to be careful when tackling matters related to international affairs.
“The step you are about to take may turn out to be very dangerous for the country and the region.

“I advise that such sensitive issues should be left to government discretion,” Al Fadhel told the lawmakers a few minutes before the vote.

Deputy Hassan Dousari said there was nothing to stop the Chamber from taking a decision on the matter. He said Iran was wrongly being accused of building nuclear technology for weapons of mass destruction. He said it was not only Iran that had nuclear technology and wondered why there was an outcry.

Hamad Khalil Al Muhannand, another member, said it was the Chamber’s responsibility to warn the government against the dangers of involving itself in regional wars.

“The US has been very irresponsible in its wars in the region. Civil unrest and deaths have often been the results of all American wars. We don’t want to create another Iraq in the neighbourhood,” he said.

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