Bahraini PM hails women’s contribution



Prime Minister Shaikh khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said the government supports all programmes aimed at spreading legal knowledge and promoting the skills of those working in the profession. The premier also praised the role of specialised legal establishments on both local and Arab levels and their importance in enhancing the abilities of legal professionals.




Shaikh Khalifa also commended the role of the Arab women’s legal network and the outstanding Bahraini contributions to the enhancement of Arab women’s cooperation. The premier was speaking during a meeting with a delegation from the Network, headed by lawyer Fawzya Mohammed Janahi, the coordinator of the Network.



Bahraini women are provided with all forms of support and have been propelled to decision making positions in the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, he said, pointing that Bahraini women also were able to hold leading positions at prominent international organisations. He attributed the achievements of Bahraini women to the ambitious and open-minded vision of his Majesty that were paid international tribute.



“We are proud that Bahraini women have been competent in assuming various responsibilities and leading work in various areas,” he said. The premier also appreciated the vital role of the Arab women’s legal network in the enhancement of women’s role in legal professions and broadening their experience by offering them training opportunities and workshops to hone their skills and unify their efforts.


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