Bahraini Shura Council seeks probe over MP’s remarks


Councillors were divided yesterday on whether to issue a statement condemning parliament public utilities and environment affairs committee chairman Al Wefaq MP Jawad Fairooz’s actions at the 60th anniversary of the International Parliament in Geneva, Switzerland last week, or wait for more clarification.

They voted to send a letter to parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani, who also chairs the Parliamentary Executive Committee responsible for the selection of MPs and councillors representing the National Assembly abroad, to investigate the case.

Mr Fairooz criticised Bahrain’s human rights progress and freedom of speech, discrimination, torture and democratic progress.

Services committee vice-chairman Sameera Rajab said there was nothing to discuss and a statement condemning Mr Fairooz had to be issued.

"Everything is clear and Mr Fairooz admitted that he had made the remarks as a personal opinion and not in the name of the delegation, which he was the heading," he said.

Mr Fairooz was accompanied by a group of councillors and MPs.

Council’s first vice-chairman Jamal Fakhro said the council should refer the issue to the general-secretariat office for revision before any decision was taken.

"We have to look into the issue from all angles, before taking any action, and I believe that we should wait for Mr Al Dhahrani to investigate the issue first, before we do anything," he said.

Council chairman Ali Al Saleh said that Mr Fairooz’s remarks were disturbing and worrying, but condemning it was not an option.

"Things have to be done through proper channels, with us explaining our point of view to Mr Al Dhahrani, and then allowing him and other members in the executive committee to take the decision."



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