Bahrain’s Ombudsman launches investigation into case of “woman sexually assaulted in CID”


AhlulBayt News Agency – The Bahraini office of Ombudsman said in a statement that it, in coordination with the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), followed “the allegations published lately on some websites that an unknown woman was sexually assaulted in one of the Ministry of Interior’s administration offices.”

It further stated that it has launched an investigation into these claims to check the veracity of these allegations that were said in a recorded interview.

The Ombudsman also asked the woman who alleged she was assaulted or any other person who has information about these allegations to make a testimony or report any detail that may help investigations into the alleged incident. The Ombudsman also guaranteed privacy for those who wish to make their testimonies.

A number of Twitter accounts had revealed that a woman was sexually assaulted in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) while she was in custody.

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