Bid to curb Press freedom will fail in Bahrain: Shaygi


He was reacting to moves by leaders of the Al Menbar Islamic Society to settle scores with liberal Bahrainis and muzzle Press freedom by trying to build up public opinion against some journalists from Al Ayam known for their liberal views.


Their efforts, however, were thwarted by the people who refused to sign a petition aimed at curbing Press freedom, stating that they were aware that the society’s goals were political and whoever had floated the petition were only trying to settle scores with the newspaper. The people also condemned the use of mosques and other religious places to promote such political activities.


The petition containing false accusations, sought legal action against Al Shaygi and Saeed Al Hamad, a journalist. It was submitted to the Attorney General Ali Al Buainain.


Al Shaygi said he knew who had prepared the petition, and assured that the facts will be revealed at the right time.
Islamic scholar, Wajdi Ghunaim, also submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution against Al Shaygi, claiming that the newspaper had used a number of defamatory expressions against him.


Ghunaim, in an interview with a local newspaper, claimed that the main purpose of the articles published in Al Ayam against him was to stall procedures and delay his Bahraini citizenship.


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