Blair discusses Mideast conference with Saudi king




The king and Blair, envoy for the international Quartet, "discussed ongoing international efforts to activate the Middle East peace process, chiefly the peace conference slated for November 27 in Annapolis," Maryland, SPA said.

The talks covered expectations that the meeting will yield results conducive to "just and comprehensive peace in the region in keeping with US President George W. Bush’s vision of the creation of a Palestinian state and in accordance with UN resolutions, the (Quartet’s) roadmap and the Arab peace initiative."

Blair met Abdullah at the monarch’s ranch outside Riyadh shortly after flying into Saudi Arabia from Egypt, where he discussed with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak "ways of reviving the peace process ahead of the international conference," according to Egypt’s MENA news agency.

Bush will host next Tuesday’s meeting which is meant to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations stalled for seven years.

Arab foreign ministers are due to meet in Cairo on Thursday to decide on their participation in Annapolis.

Despite its close ties with Washington, Saudi Arabia has declined to confirm its attendance at the meeting unless the core issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict are addressed.

Bush telephoned King Abdullah on Tuesday to discuss the conference.


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