Clean Qatar Fuel Helps In Green Battle


In his opening address at the 1st Joint Qatar Petroleum–Japan Co-operation Centre Petroleum (JCCP) Environment Symposium at the Ritz Carlton yesterday, Abdulla H Salatt, senior adviser to the Second Deputy Premier, said Qatar’s main energy products such as liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquids and gas-to-liquids are all clean fuels.
“Qatar is committed to the concept of energy efficiency and conservation,” Salatt said.
“By helping industrialised countries meet their demand for cleaner fuels, a commitment under the Kyoto Protocol, Qatar is contributing to global environment protection.”

Within Qatar, constant efforts are being made to improve the efficiency of oil and gas operations by eliminating waste and conserving resources.

“The national policy on zero-flaring highlights our commitment to environment protection and enhancing our oil and gas operations,” he said.

Another issue of particular interest to Qatar was the environmental management of industrial development, particularly in optimising environmental protection regulations to serve the goal of sustainable development.

QP has been working closely in this area with the National Environmental Protection Authority (NEPA) to streamline and rationalise the needs and requirements for environmental protection without excessive burden on the economic growth and industrial development.
Salatt said a key theme of the symposium is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a flexible mechanism within the Kyoto Protocol.  It presents a win-win opportunity for both developed and developing countries to collectively address the issue of global climate change.

Japanese ambassador Masahiko Horie and JCCP managing director Junichi Hatano also spoke at the function.


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