Companies ignoring wage initiative face sanctions: Bahrain ministry


But some companies continue to ignore the government’s invitation to sign the subsidy deal. The programme is reaching out to companies which have Bahraini workers being paid less than BD200 a month.

The Tribune learned from sources that ministry officials are considering imposing sanctions on the companies ignoring the agreement.
The ministry has not yet made any announcement over the issue.

The subsidy deal calls on the companies to “register” their Bahraini workers receiving less than BD200 with the ministry’s Committee to Raise Productivity and Wages.

The Bahraini workers enrolled in the programme will be provided with training and skills-development courses.

The ministry will subsidise the company to push their wages within the BD200 level for six months.

After six months, the companies will pay the minimum wage on their own.
Dozens of companies with thousands of workers have been listed in the programme, but “some companies continue to ignore our invitation,” a ministry official said.

“We have informed them about the programme and how they take it is up to them,” he said.

Earlier this month, at least 10 companies joined the programme. Which means an additional 100 Bahraini workers will have their salaries upgraded.
Ministry officials earlier said they hoped to cover all companies by the year-end.

The programme was started in middle of this year as the government enacted measures to raise wages of Bahrainis. Many Bahrainis in the private sector still receive salaries between BD100 and BD150.

The federation of unions and human rights groups have called on the government to raise wages in view of the increasing costs of living.

No minimum wage is in force in the private sector except in specific industry sector. Earlier this month, the government had announced a 15 per cent wage increase for Bahrainis in the public sector.


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