Democracy, brightest aspect of Kuwait: Al-Sanie


The development of democracy is the task of MPs, the political forces and civil society organizations as well as the government, Al-Sanie, also chairman of the Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC), said in his address to a symposium here.



The symposium is part of the 17th annual conference on democracy in the Arab region, an initiative of a number of Arab politicians and academicians led by Ali Khalifa Al-Kawari.



The Kuwaiti government is one of the leading governments that promote democratization in the region, he asserted.



Al-Sanie urged all concerned parties to develop a clear-cut plan for the development of political action and democracy in Kuwait.



Democracy in Kuwait saw a remarkable boost after the development of electorate system, the reform of Publication Act and the enhancement of political accountability of government officials at the NA in the recent years, he noted.



Al-Sanie refuted as "groundless" the claims that democracy in the NA hindered development. On the contrary, the parliament of a country is the body that draws the agenda of development, he explained.


This year conference focuses on the issue of democracy and elections in the Arab countries. It discussed a number of valuable papers offered by Kuwait and other Arab countries.


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