Deputies to seek minimum wage boost for Bahrainis


He told the Tribune that the present basic salary of BD200 was not enough to meet with the cost of living. It was therefore felt necessary to request for a hike to BD300.


Abdullah Khalaf Dossary, another deputy, is said to have clamoured for a 15 per cent hike in salary, Fath said.

The issue of enhancing wages for Bahrainis is to be taken up when the Chamber of Deputies meets for its weekly session on May 8, he added.


All the blocs in the Chamber have their say on it, but almost all of them agree that the minimum wage has to be increased.


He said that the government plans also moved in the same direction. “To offset inflation it is important to enhance the wages. Almost all societies, during the electioneering phase, had promised to raise the salaries to BD300 and gradually thereafter to BD500 – over a four to five year period.”

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